Howdy from Michael Townsend, Leah Smith, and the rest of the Tape Art crew. We are a group of artists who have been drawing on walls with tape for over 30 years. We travel around the world creating large-scale, temporary murals made completely out of tape for museums, festivals, and anyone with awesome walls.

Below is a mural we made on the Brooks Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. It took us 20 days of straight drawing to complete and was removed with the help of over 500 people the day after we finished. We always remove our work within 24 hours of putting the last piece of tape on the walls.

We are identified as the pioneers of the Tape Art movement and have made over 500 large murals and thousands of smaller tape drawings since the late 80s. See a some of our favorite murals at tapeart.com.

Below is a mural we made in Berlin, Germany at an abandoned military site that now attracts street artists from around the world.

Over the years we have taught Tape Art to tens of thousands of students and are excited to finally introduce PiktoTape and instructions for families at home. Each kit comes with rolls of the world's first drawing tape, an activity book full of fantastic prompts to get you inspired, and a sweet way to make your first squirrel. 

Visit our YouTube and Instagram for weekly videos on all things Tape Art and gain additional insights an inspirations on how to transform the walls around you and draw together.

The World Is Your Canvas!

Michael 'n' Leah