Does PiktoTape only come in green and blue?

Yes. These two colors compliment each other and look good on just about any wall surface we draw on. When multiple people are drawing together, having only two colors allows any number of people to make something that looks like the work of a single artist.

What surfaces can you draw on with Piktotape?
PiktoTape can stick to a wide range of surfaces and be removed cleanly.

It is a low-adhesive tape that is designated for clean removal within 10 days by the manufacturer. We always recommend testing the tape in a discrete location to assure suitability for application.

► Is PiktoTape™ recyclable?
PiktoTape™ is widely recyclable. Because recycling guidelines vary across the country, it is recommended that you speak with your local center. They may ask you to break up the removed tape into manageable portions for recycling.

► Why would you make temporary art?
1. Tape is super fun to rip down.
2. We think that art is most powerful when the artist, the viewer, and the art are all present at the same time.
3. We like that our art is not a commodity and belongs to the people who are present in the time and place it is made.
4. The temporary nature gives us freedom to get permission for walls that may normally be off limits and also the freedom to draw just about whatever we want.
5. It is just tape and will be removed by time and weather eventually.

► Who is the Tape Art Crew?
We are a group of artists that have been creating murals using low-adhesive tapes on walls around the world for over 30 years. Collectively we have taught collaborative tape drawing to over 50,000 participants in communities of all types. Visit tapeart.com to see Tape Art projects from around the globe.

What is the biggest mural you have ever made?
Our biggest single mural was made on the Worcester Art Museum in 1998. It wrapped an entire city block and covered 52,000 sq ft. That is a ton of drawing! We have done many Tape Art projects that have been larger in other ways like the time it took to make them or the number of people who participated in making them.

How long does it take you to make a mural?
It depends on the size and intricacy of the mural as well as how many artists are working on it. We have made small murals that take only an hour or two and massive murals that take weeks of drawing every day. Below is a funny graphic to help you visualize the time it takes to draw different amounts of squirrels.