How-To Videos

Below are How-To videos for drawing with PiktoTape™ and using the tracer activities from the Tape Art® Activity Kit.

Check out the Tape Art YouTube for inspiration and drawing tips. If there is something you want to learn how to make or an activity from the Tape Art Activity Kit you want to see us demo, email us or leave a comment!


How to Make a Squirrel Using the Squirrel Tracer 3000

This video takes you on the adventure of using the Tape Art® Activity Kit to make a Tape Art squirrel in a tree.


Make a Squirrel for a Friend Using the Squirrel Tracer 3000

What else can you do with the Squirrel Tracer? Make a Tape Art squirrel and send it to a friend in the mail!


Tape Art Basics

Want to know where to get started drawing with PiktoTape™? This video will walk you through the basics of making straight lines, curved lines, details, and sculptural elements.


Tape Art Spider Webs Activity and Game


Out the Window Activity