What is PiktoTape?

PiktoTape™ is a brand new tape made specifically for drawing on walls.

We have been drawing with tape for over 30 years and in that time have experimented with just about every type of tape that you can buy. We regularly go on cross-country road trips to visit tape factories and are always testing new tapes. Surprisingly, most tapes are just not good for drawing. They don't curve well, or they don't rip easily, or their adhesive will harm walls and surfaces.

Our quest for the best tape has finally led us to designing our own drawing tape — PiktoTape™. It has taken 2 years of hard work to make this tape a reality, from design to manufacturing to your home. We hope that you love drawing with it as much as we do!

Here are some of the features that make PiktoTape™ perfect for drawing:

► Thick, rich color — A thick paper backing gives PiktoTape™ a rich, opaque color.
► Curves, beautiful curves — PiktoTape™ curves smoothly and while most tapes are only good for straight lines.
► Gentle on your walls, easy removal — Low-adhesive glue is gentle on your walls. Remove murals without damaging surfaces.
► Spongy adhesive, sticks to everything— A thick adhesive layer sticks to a wide range of surfaces, including dusty, exterior walls, brick, cement, painted interior walls, glass, and tile.
► Rip, rip, rip — PiktoTape™ rips easily by hand. No blades or scissors needed.
Smaller cores — 2-inch cores are easy for all hands to hold. Put a roll in your pocket for art on the go!
► Nose-friendly — Cheap tapes emit strong, chemical odors that are unpleasant and distracting. PiktoTape™ is designed to be odor-neutral.
► 3 widths for drawing and sculpting — 1/2-inch, 1-inch, and 2-inch rolls help you achieve any artistic vision!

For classroom and community sized PiktoTape kits, visit DavisArt.com

Disclaimer: PiktoTape™ is designed as a multi-surface low-adhesive tape. Manufacturer specifications suggest removal within 10 days of application. Always test this product in a discrete area to assure suitability for application. Final user assumes risks and liabilities.